When not writing, Dina works for the nonprofit organization she founded in early 2009, Never Too Weak to Wander. A recognized 501(c)(3), Never Too Weak to Wander exists to financially and logistically assist long-time and first-time travelers with Multiple Sclerosis see and experience the world. Part Make-a-Wish Foundation, part National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and all dream vacation, Never Too Weak to Wander works with each of its travel scholarship recipients to plan a trip that considers both their MS and their travel dreams.

Dina fundraises for Never To Weak to Wander mainly through bike rides all over the country. She is also available for speaking engagements. Dina can talk about topics including: using life’s curveballs to help you achieve your dreams (using her setting the world record for the most vertical feet skied uphill by a woman in 24 hours as an example), living with MS, depression, and traveling with MS. Contact Dina about NTWTW or speaking engagements by clicking here.

For more information on Never Too Weak to Wander, or to make a donation, click here.