Turning her competitive side to writing for the first time in several years, Dina entered an article she did for the 2008-2009 winter issue of Big Sky Journal, a Montana-based quarterly publication, in the North American Travel Journalists Association's 2009 Awards Competition. Although she usually writes about art and architecture for BSJ and its sister publication, Western Art & Architecture, this article was a little different: a first-hand account of her wrestling with pillars of ice in Cody, Wyoming. Out of more than 500 submissions, Naming the Ice received NASJA's Award of Merit in the Sports & Recreation category. A link will be inserted here as soon as she gets a digital copy of it.

 As one of the five hosts of Wyoming PBS's Wyoming Chronicle, Dina is sad to be wrapping up season one, but excited by what's been accomplished in just a single year. Dina herself went from never having before been in front of a camera to being able to comfortably carry on a conversation with Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott. (Although she did ask Scott what her favorite animal was to fill some of the show's 26 minutes.) There are a few new episodes of Wyoming Chronicle still to air – on Wyoming PBS Friday nights at 7:30.    

Two of these final episodes include Dina's interviews with Sheridan-based veternarian Ted Vlahos who fits animals with prostheses and Tim Kellogg, Meeteetse's own cowboy chocolatier.

Season two will bring some changes to Wyoming Chronicle, but the show will continue to seek  interesting people to interview. As head producer Geoff O’Gara describes the show: “Wyoming Chronicle. Faces and voices of Wyoming, discussing history, politics, music, health care, the economy, literature, and the characters who make this a state like no other. World leaders and next-door neighbors. Conversation that’s meaningful, funny, smart.”

Doing Wyoming Chronicle doesn’t mean Dina has stopped writing.  More feature assignments than usual have been keeping her from further progress on a memoir project. Thankfully, her agent, Lauren Galit, is the best and is very understanding.

Recently named one of Athleta's 10 2010 Featured Athletes, Dina is busy putting the active clothing company's products through the wringer and reguarly contributing to its Chi blog.

Upcoming print and web pieces include:

Southwest Escape: Hiking the Arizona Trail in the December 2010 issue of Sunset’s southwest edition

Mountain Day Trip: Butte in the July 2010 issue of Sunset's MountainWest edition

Mountain Day Trip: Laramie in the September 2010 issue of Sunset's MountainWest edition

Belize: Reef and Rainforest on

Great Escape: Lake Chelan in the July 2010 issue of AAA Via’s MountainWest edition

En Suite: Cayo Espanto on

Adventure Racing in the February issue of GO, the in-flight magazine of AirTran Airways Dina is in the process of writing all the copy for this soon-to-launch website. She wishes she lived closer to Manhattan Beach so she could eat some of what she is writing about.

Rare Property: Tranquliity Bay in the March issue of Caribbean Trave & Life

Marrakech: Enjoy tanjine with a side of trekking in this mysterious Moroccan city on



Elk Mountains Grand Traverse
March 27, 2010 Dina will race, on skis, with a partner 42-miles from Crested Butte to Aspen, Colorado.

Rancho La Puerta
Dina will spending a week here in early April, doing as many of Mexican detination spa's fitness classes as possible, while also taking some lessons in its professional kitchen, and checking out the offerings of its spa.

Arizona, Yuma and Ajo
 Yuma has transformed the Colorado River in its downtown area. What was once a area littered with, well, litter, is now a beautiful waterfront park with biking and hiking paths and home to several endangered species of birds.

Just to the east of Yuma, the tiny town of Ajo is in the middle of a serious makeover. The former mining town has reinvented itself as an art destination. Dina will be checking in on the makeover's progress.



February 2010 While enjoying the Olympic Women's Super G, Dina will be learning all about Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen's bid for the 2018 Games as well as the winter sports competitions already slated to be held in Bavaria over the next few years.

Las Vegas, Nevada
CityCenter is the self-proclaimed "Capital of the New World." Despite its hubris, it's pretty hot, with multiple hotels and spas (one of which is so big it offers an hour-long "hotel hiking" fitness class), dozens of restaurants, Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis and enough shopping Dina could have gotten herself in serious trouble. But she didn't. She did check out each of the five hotel and as many of the restaurants as her appetite allowed. Unfortunately, she also wasted 90 minutes of her life on Viva Elvis.

Scottsdale, Arizona
Dina checked in on many of the spas and resorts in and around Scottsdale, making sure to get in some urban hiking between treatments.

The Arizona Trail
Using Superior, Arizona as a base, Dina hiked 70-some miles of the 817-mile long trail. She hiked the entire Superstition Wilderness as well as Alamo Canyon, White Canyon and Reavis Canyon. In the latter, she camped under a chestnut tree at an long-ago abandoned ranch. Despite a raging campfire, she was unable to roast any of the chestnuts that littered the ground.

Stockholm, Sweden
With a native Stockholmer as guide and little more than three hours of weak daylight daily, Dina did her best to hit every coffee shop and museum in the city, which is spread over 14 islands. Of course she also checked in on a few spas.

Despite breaking her collarbone mid-way through this week-long trip, Dina can write about the country’s markets and culinary scene, including various cooking classes and intriguing restaurants (Rick’s Café in Casablanca is nothing like the tourist trap you’d expect; quite classy in fact). While in Morocco, Dina stayed at La Maison Arabe and Amanjena in Marrakech, Palais Jamai in Fez and Kenzi Tower in Casablanca. She also visited Ana Yela in Marrakech. She took cooking classes at La Maison Arabe, Terres d’Amanar, and Jnane Tamsna.

Dina stayed at Cayo Espanto and Tranquility Bay in Ambergris Caye and the recently renovated Machaca Hill Rainforest Canopy Lodge in the far south of the country. While in Belize, Dina did Scuba, hiked, mountain biked, had nuts thrown at her by howler moneys, visited Mayan ruins and a modern Mayan cacao farm (where she learned how to turn the pods into chocolate), swam in caves, went on a rainforest safari, and ate lots of wonderful food.

Dina’s visit to Nevis happily coincided with the annual Nevis Triathlon. She managed to find a team that needed a biker. Pre- and post-race, Dina explored the former sugarcane plantations that are now boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts. She also hiked up Mt. Nevis, which got its name from Columbus, who thought the clouds hugging its 3,200-foot high summit were snow.